White chocolate, cranberries, and cashew nuts biscuits

I haven’t baked cookies or biscuits in a long time, maybe since last Christmas. But let’s be honest, it wasn’t really me baking, it was more the hubby and I was “overseeing”. I suppose, likewise, these biscuits weren’t really baked by me either. For some reason the hubby wanted to bake some home-made biscuits and I hadn’t made anything from my most recent baking book purchase, Cheeky Treats by Liam Charles, so we made something from this.

And here you have white chocolate, cranberries, and cashew nuts biscuits. The recipe is rather simple: essentially put everything together, mix, refrigerate, cut out and shape, and then bake. But they are definitely a lot more rough and ready compared to the pictures in the baking book!


Here is the hubby getting his hands dirty whilst I was “overseeing”, essentially being a little lazy!


The recipe said to wrap in clingfilm and then place in the fridge to chill for an hour. Most of the successful biscuit recipes I’ve followed don’t usually require being placed in the fridge, so I was slightly apprehensive, but we still followed the recipe. Maybe placing the dough in the fridge is meant to keep it moist? I have no idea.



Then we cut and shaped the dough into biscuits. This was when we realised the extra bits (the chocolate, cranberries, and nuts) were quite large. So large they were poking out of the pre-baked biscuits. We tried to flatten the biscuits as much as we could before placing them in the oven, but it just wasn’t happening.


And here you have the end result:


Quite burnt, I would say. And evidently not really flat or uniform, and the extra bits were definitely poking out of the biscuits wanting to be the main event. In retrospect, we should have made the extra bits smaller or made the biscuits larger to allow for more even baking. I might bake these again in future, but the hubby thinks no. I’d probably replace the cashew nuts with something else like pistachios, which I much prefer. Or maybe I should stick with cakes and leave the biscuits to Liam Charles or McVities.



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