February 2023

What a busy busy month! Only 28 days yet I feel I've packed in so much in February. Work has been super busy, but I have managed to find little joys in the every day. It really does help living with a dog who is just so happy to see the humans awake in the [...]

May 2022

May is my birthday month and I have learnt a lot this month. I've learnt more about myself, my habits, mental health, self care, and about various people in my life. I am super grateful that I have people in my life who feel safe to be open and honest with me. I have had [...]

White chocolate, cranberries, and cashew nuts biscuits

I haven't baked cookies or biscuits in a long time, maybe since last Christmas. But let's be honest, it wasn't really me baking, it was more the hubby and I was "overseeing". I suppose, likewise, these biscuits weren't really baked by me either. For some reason the hubby wanted to bake some home-made biscuits and [...]