“Do your homework” is the main thing that is said by one of the podcasts I listen to, Daily Boost. Essentially: check the dam and check in on yourself. Figure out what and who you want in your life, in your dam. And keep checking in on the dam. It will be easier to fix a small pinhole with a finger than a gaping hole where you’ll end up needing more reinforcements.

Sometimes we meet people or spend time with people who may be vampires: people who drain or suck the energy out of you, and it is ok to let those people go. As we go about and live our lives there is noise in the background: other people, traffic etc. So we all need some “me time”. Doing something physical helps focus that, which for me are daily stretches, playing the ukulele sometimes, and I used to walk the dog.

Now my evening getting-ready-for-bed routine is slightly longer it allows me some extra “me time” of just focusing on what I’m doing and not thinking or over thinking. It allows me to just check in, a productive sort of meditation, where I happen to get ready for bed at the same time. It has almost become a sort of ritual. And then after this I reflect on the day just gone by and write in my gratitude journal.

Another podcast that I absolutely love to listen to, Ctrl Alt Delete, interviewed activist and actor Jameela Jamil and I am also actively trying to take on board what is said in this episode #187. The main take away (or mantra): own it. And just try, as trying is winning. If you fail, then you fail, no biggie. Just give it a go, as regret is worst than failure. I’m aware that this may not be applied to every aspect of your life, but I am actively trying to live by this mantra as and when I can now.

In my previous work I always had a hint of imposter syndrome, where I felt I always had to bring my A Game to get things done and felt I didn’t quite fit in or meet the standards required. Or when I was noticed for good work I wouldn’t quite believe it and would use self deprecation as some sort of shield, again, not believing that I was good enough.

Now my current workplace is much more nurturing and I hold my hand up and say that I do not know what I’m doing a lot of the time and still require a lot of hand-holding, but I think my honesty is needed and it does show that I try, even if I need a lot more guidance.

As the year is coming to a close and I’m reflecting on what I’ve done this year and the person I have become, I am more actively thinking about the kind of things I want to do next year and the kind of person I want to be next year. So I’m listening to these podcasts, and trying to live by these mantras. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and apparently one needs to do something 21 days in a row for it to become a habit. So I will try:

  • I will check my dam
  • I will own what I do
  • And I will try

As my husband says, which he read from a book: “you have to feel the fear and do it anyway.” If you want to start doing what you want then you have to stop doing what you don’t want. So I will try and live by these mantras and maybe they will be added to my list of resolutions in the new year.

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