Ending my relationship with perfectionism

Recently I listened to a TED talk podcast episode called Breaking Up with Perfectionism and it was really enlightening. Host Adam Grant spoke about his own experiences with perfectionism and gave some advice on how to stop being a perfectionist. My relationship with perfectionism Personally I have had issues with perfectionism and I am slowly [...]

May 2022

May is my birthday month and I have learnt a lot this month. I've learnt more about myself, my habits, mental health, self care, and about various people in my life. I am super grateful that I have people in my life who feel safe to be open and honest with me. I have had [...]

December 2021

The last month of the calendar year. This post is a little later than planned, but felt I needed to reflect on the year as a whole first and look into the next year before fully appreciating this last month. So December has sure been a cold month, evidently from my daily gratitudes of warm [...]

May 2021

Spring has sprung and it's May already - my birthday month. Reading back on my daily gratitudes, and I'm reminded that so much has happened! How was this all in one month? A lot of entertainment was consumed: films, TV, books, podcasts. Went down Memory Lane for a little too, which was not unexpected as [...]

Podcasts To Listen To

So it's been my fourth week working from home, I think. I've kind of lost count really. One of the things I've missed is listening to podcasts on my hour long commute to work, so that's about two hours a day. I use Player FM to download episodes and am currently subscribed to 23 different [...]

January 2020

January has been a very difficult month for me and reading back on my daily musings I have found that I have a really great support network: at home with the hubby, at work with colleagues, and generally friends from all over offering support, comfort, and advice. Of course with the end of Christmas and [...]


"Do your homework" is the main thing that is said by one of the podcasts I listen to, Daily Boost. Essentially: check the dam and check in on yourself. Figure out what and who you want in your life, in your dam. And keep checking in on the dam. It will be easier to fix a [...]