Victoria Sponge variations

So I’ve been thinking about baking recently and looked back at recent pictures of cakes I’ve baked. And it turns out that I apparently like baking different variations of Victoria Sponge. I know two recipes that work quite well, both from the Good Housekeeping: The Baking Book that I have. Essentially one recipe uses self-raising flour beating in one egg at a time, whilst the other recipe uses plain flour and all the eggs are whisked at the very start.

When it comes down to it: taste-wise they’re practically the same, whilst texture-wise the plain flour recipe is a little lighter. So here are many different variations of Victoria Sponges that we’ve baked in the past. Once I get some eggs I will likely bake something, but until then I need to think about what to put on the cake and how to decorate it.

So here is a standard strawberries and cream sponge. I think the cream was not whisked very well so the sponge absorbed the cream quite quickly:


And here is another strawberries and cream variation, with less strawberries and more cream. There is also some strawberry jam in the middle to make up the for lack of strawberries:


Then we got tired of strawberries, and went for blackberries instead. We used bramble jam, whipped cream, and of course blackberries. I feel with this sponge there was too much filling and too little cake, as you can see from all the different steps of filling:

And here is our old dog being very interested in the cake:


Presentation is everything too:


Here is another variation of blackberries, with a few more things in it. This was a Victoria sponge cake with bramble jam and whipped cream in the middle, white chocolate icing on top and decorated with blackcurrants. I remember this one well because it was such a mish mash of different layers:



Now these variations have no fruit. We were trying something different, in other words less healthy. This one was a more simple cake with just icing and grated chocolate on top:



Now this sponge consisted of white chocolate icing in the middle and on top. Then we just used the remaining white chocolate pieces as decoration. This cake looked good, but was a little difficult to slice into pieces due to the large pieces of white chocolate on top.


So there you have it: many many different variations of Victoria Sponge with and without fruits, jams, and icing. These sponges require very few main ingredients, essentially eggs, sugar, and flour. Some recipes include butter as well, which makes the cake last a little longer. And then you can do anything you want to layer and decorate the cake once it’s baked.

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