Podcasts To Listen To

So it’s been my fourth week working from home, I think. I’ve kind of lost count really. One of the things I’ve missed is listening to podcasts on my hour long commute to work, so that’s about two hours a day. I use Player FM to download episodes and am currently subscribed to 23 different podcasts. This sounds a lot, but not all podcasts release episodes that regularly.

Since working from home with no commute and a little extra sleep, I realise I haven’t really been listening to my podcasts. Music is great, but I love podcasts. You can really learn about something that you’ve never thought you needed to learn about and the stories are really interesting and compelling. So I’ve whittled down my 23 podcasts to 10. And here are my top 10 favourites that I can listen to anywhere and any time and why they made the list:


The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X

We wake up to The Chris Moyles Show each weekday, where Chris Moyles and his team have celebrity guests, joke, play games and competitions. The banter the team have is hilarious, they’ve known each other for a very long time. The podcast is the best bits from the weekday show. There’s always something funny or daft and without fail each time I listen to the podcast I’m roaring with laughter.


Elis James and John Robins

These two comedians have a brilliant radio show, previously on Radio X and now on BBC Radio 5 Live. James is obsessed with all things Welsh and Robins is obsessed with Queen (the band) and awkwardness. One of my favourite features is Made Up Games, where listeners send in games they’ve made up with family or friends and the two comedians play them live on air. I have never listened to an episode without smiling.



Educationally hilarious

James O’Brien’s Mystery Hour

Mystery Hour happens every Thursday at noon on LBC, I believe originally because Thursdays were voting days so it was something for the broadcaster to do that wasn’t politics-related. Listeners call in with a question and then other listeners call in with an answer – but you can’t use Google. I love this podcast because you genuinely learn something new each episode. It might not be something useful, but still something new. Also it’s interesting hearing how people know the answers without the help of Google.


No Such Thing As A Fish

From the offices of QI, this podcast is educational and hilarious at the same time. Four hosts with one fact each week, you learn something interesting and the banter between the hosts is hilarious. Sometimes the hosts go on tours filming live shows, which can be listened to on this podcast and the hosts’ interaction with the audience is always entertaining.




The Sporkful

A podcast not about foodies, but about eaters. Hosted by Dan Pashman who has a different guest each episode and they literally just talk about food and eating. I love Pashman’s enthusiasm. And although this is an American podcast about food and eating he does not just talk with chefs or cooks or even Americans. I usually don’t know who the guest is on the episodes, but I feel that doesn’t really matter as everyone is just so enthusiastic about food.




Dreamgun Film Reads

A bunch of actors and comedians read spoof film scripts without rehearsal, recorded in front of a live audience. Sometimes they get it wrong and sometimes there’s improvisation, but always these are really good performers with really funny scripts. Of course there are spoilers. We saw Spiderman live and it was great seeing it in action. The performers voice more than one character, which I wasn’t aware of before. Episodes don’t come out very often, as the scripts have to be written and then performed. But definitely worth the wait for some hilarious rib-tickling comedy.




Can I Pet Your Dog

Dog owner Renee Colvert and puppy dog owner Alexis Preston talk about dogs with a different guest each week. Simple yet heart-warming, this podcast is definitely for dog lovers. There is a lot of banter and not much structure in this podcast, but one of my favourite features is My Mutt Minute where listeners send in one-minute voice recordings talking about their dog or a dog they know. This feature just melts my heart every time and I love it.



Radio stories


Compelling real-life stories connecting with social and behavioural science. Each episode starts with one person’s real-life story and then somehow science, psychology, or technology are weaved into the mix. Then what you think the episode was going to be about turns into something else entirely, holding up a mirror to society and how the world works. Brilliant story-telling. I’m always completely sucked in when I listen to this podcast.



Real stuff

Ctrl Alt Delete

Writer Emma Gannon interviews people in her podcast, usually starting with work and what drives them and then the conversation leads to wherever. Guests are often writers, of both fiction and non-fiction, and topics are super wide-ranging. The episodes are more like conversations than an interview, which I love. Gannon brings out topics that guests really care about and discussions lead to real struggles like burnout, career changes, and comfort zones. What I love about this podcast is that it just talks about real things and the guests are really inspirational.


Asian Boss Girl

Three modern day Asian American women sit and talk about real life topics ranging from working, dating, and just living. These ladies are friends so there is some comedic banter but the episodes are well structured and edited. Sometimes there are guests, but not always. What I love about this podcast is how real these women get telling their first-hand stories and experiences, especially as there isn’t much Asian representation in media. What I connect with most is that these women are not afraid to talk about real personal struggles. It’s inspirational. 12


So that’s it, my top 10 podcasts. It took a while to whittle it down to just 10. I’m telling you, the struggle was real as there are so many podcasts that I absolutely love. If anyone has any suggestions on other podcasts then please do let me know. Meanwhile, if you want to find a new podcast to listen to then feel free to check out any of my top 10.

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