Unconditional love

How could I almost forget it was Valentine’s Day? It’s the same day every year.

Some people love it, some people hate it, some people celebrate it to the nines, and some people avoid it like the plague.

Last year I wrote about the five love languages, about how you prefer to communicate and receive love in human relationships.

Since then, we’ve adopted a dog, which we renamed Artemis and my idea of love and life has changed a little. Artemis has shown me again what it’s like to love something so much more than yourself – I imagine this is a little how parents feel about their children.

We have been watching the Harry Potter films recently, inspired by the recent video game Hogwarts Legacy, and even Lily Potter’s love protected Harry from the killing curse.

Our Artemis loves humans, she loves us. Yes, we feed her, walk her, and all that; but that doesn’t mean she has to love us. Having a dog in the house again has reminded me about unconditional love, where you offer love to someone without expecting repayment in return.

Pets love their humans not because they want food in return. And humans love their pets not because we expect something in return for feeding or homing them.

Valentines has come and gone. But I hope, dear readers, that you don’t wait for one day a year to show your love and support to those you care about.

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