Obedience class – Mixed ability 2

So we didn’t learn any new commands this week, we just practised what we had already learnt previously.


Artemis did a really good stay in the down position with a lead, considering there were distractions from other dogs walking or running around.

Usually we walk Artemis with a lead and in the local park there are often dogs without a lead, so Artemis has a lot of experience with this kind of situation, whilst the other dogs in the class perhaps haven’t had much experience of this.

Then we did a stay in the sit position without a lead, whilst a couple of the other dogs had their leads on. Artemis’ stay is actually not too bad!

English finish

Then we practised the English finish, where you ask the dog to sit, then you walk in front of the dog and ask them to go clockwise around you to end in a heel position on your left side.

Artemis was a bit reluctant with this command. I think she was concentrating really hard in the stays and she was just like “Ah, ok, now I can chill”.

When practising this command, I heard another owner repeat “English, English, English” – I thought that was quite funny. I need to find a command word for this English finish.

German finish

Next we practised the German finish. This is where you ask the dog to sit, then you walk in front of the dog and ask them to heel to your left.

Artemis was fine with this.

Similarly, the same dog owner, when practising this command, was repeating “German, German”. With this command I just say “heel”, as that is the position you want the dog to finish in.

Spaying and in season

The trainer announced that Artemis’ nipples appeared more pronounced and her vulva appeared engorged and asked if she was going to be in season. I was shocked, as we got our dog from Battersea and they informed us they had spayed her.

At the end of the class, the trainer rolled Artemis over and we looked at her tummy. The trainer found a faint line that appeared to be a scar from the spaying incision. Being from Battersea, the trainer said that if we were informed Artemis was spayed, then she was likely indeed spayed.

The trainer advised to keep an eye on her and we’ll know if she’s in season if there is blood on the floor and she’s cleaning herself more. The trainer also advised that dogs in season usually last 3 weeks.

I mentioned that Artemis’ nipples haven’t gone down since we got her and that Battersea informed us that she was most likely used for breeding. The trainer replied that Artemis’ nipples will never go down because if she was used for breeding, then as soon as she was in season again they would breed her again.


So although we didn’t learn any new commands today, it was good for a refresher and to continue practising current commands.

I also appreciated the trainer informing me about Artemis potentially being in season. I’m rest assured that the trainer clearly knows what they’re doing and is looking out for the welfare of all the dogs.

I remembered now in retrospect that I trimmed some of the fur around Artemis, which might explain why certain areas appeared more pronounced – there was just less fur covering those areas now.

When I came home to tell the hubby, he remembered that our old dog walker mentioned that she thought our old dog Merlin had gained weight. Then we took him to the groomers for a hair cut and he had lost all that “weight” – it was just fur.

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