We visited Bath recently. It was the first time visiting for both the hubby and I - and we loved it! I adore the Regency period - of course, being a Jane Austen fan. And I love Georgian architecture so there was a lot to see just walking around. Plenty of shops and museums to [...]

Gran Canaria

Thinking about the holidays I can't go on anymore made me think about the only sunny holiday I had last year: to Gran Canaria. Not a first choice, I must admit, I went with friends who wanted to go somewhere warm and sunny for some vitamin D. It was a great holiday, but man, so [...]

South Africa

This was the first time I had flown by myself, the hubby flew a week or so before for work, and I joined him later in Johannesburg. Hubby stayed in Limpopo, saw monkeys, impalas, and giraffes. He was there for research and managed to see quite a bit. I didn't manage to get much sleep on [...]