Amsterdam – part 2

Continuing from part 1, here is the second part of some great places we visited on our trip to Amsterdam. This part focuses on the Museum Quarter, Southern Canals, and Lisse which is just outside of Amsterdam. Museum Quarter South west of the main city centre is the Museum Quarter, which boasts so many great [...]

Amsterdam – part 1

We spent a lovely relaxing week in Amsterdam, what a brilliant city. I know a fair few people who have visited and when I asked advice of places to go, yes it was the usual touristy places, but there were a few gems that I wasn't told about that I feel everyone needs to know [...]

South Africa

This was the first time I had flown by myself, the hubby flew a week or so before for work, and I joined him later in Johannesburg. Hubby stayed in Limpopo, saw monkeys, impalas, and giraffes. He was there for research and managed to see quite a bit. I didn't manage to get much sleep on [...]