An earthly hour…

One hour. Lights switched off. Candles galore. The whole world trying to send out a message: save the future.  And when was this? Saturday 26 March 2011, 8:30pm-9:30pm.

Last year,

  • 128 countries participated
  • 4616 cities and towns switched off their lights for an hour
  • 1.3 billion people cared about the world.

The largest voluntary action ever.  And here’s a lovely video, with lovely music, and lovely images:

Earth Hour started just four years ago in Sydney, Australia, to raise awareness about climate change. I participated both last year and this year, and it was great: we had candles, we had food, and we had games. It was very campfire-like, minus the being outside part – and singing.

Saving electricity is something I feel quite strongly about, and I’ve even been called a “plug-Nazi” because of it. Politically incorrect? Yes, maybe, but so true: I go around houses switching off plugs. I even do it at uni, yeah… It’s the pleasure of hearing the sound of the switch click as I press it. What can I say; I’m just that cool…

On another not-so-creepy note, well, almost not-so-creepy note, I move onto libraries.

I was on my way to said library, as you do, walking along minding my own business. Then this man walked past me and as he continued walking towards the library entrance, he looked back at me not once, not twice, but three times. A triple-take.

Now I didn’t know what to make of this.

Had he never seen an Asian person before? Did he not think that I also wanted to go to the library? Was there something on my face or on my person that was out of the ordinary? I have no idea.

Now I’m usually quite use to this sort of thing: people mistake me for other Asian people all the time when I’m walking at a distance from them. I usually don’t even notice as my eyesight can only work to a certain distance anyways. And I can usually deal with a double take, but three times, in less than three seconds?


So needless to say, I entered the library through another door. As I did so, I saw another man high. on. air.

He already had the door open for me with his hand, but then did a little heel click and kept it open for me with his foot, which was quite remarkable considering his state and odd balancing. I thanked him and then he did a little run up followed by another heel click in the corridor – reminded me of the Victorians.

So yes, entertaining yet slightly disturbing library trip. Quite made my morning, just after 9am in the library. I don’t really know how to end after that really. I guess I’ll just wave.

Bye *waves*

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