Kentucky Fried Chicken. My favourite fast food place, chicken is good I tell you. They really need to include tooth picks with the meals though. Sweet corn, you taste good, but seriously you make me more awkward than needs be.

Went to a KFC recently, they had refurbished it to look more like McDonalds: kiddy seats and odd arrangements. The time before that my friends and I ordered a bargain bucket, the chicken was there, but there was no bucket *shrugs shoulders*

Now I prefer leg over breast. Not as much as my uncle. Apparently one time my uncle ordered a bargain bucket, told the person serving him to give him only leg as his religion called for him not to eat chicken breast. The person serving him complied. Unbelievable! My dad has tried many a time to get a bargain bucket with only leg and no breast – fails every time!

I really do love KFC, so I was upset when I went in last time hoping to order a Nacho Burger. It was a limited burger only and they had stopped selling it :0( So naturally I ordered something with sweet corn on the side, came out with sweet corn all over me. Tooth picks, they really need them.

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