Concentration Music

Currently cannot work or think. Road works and next door are killing silence so badly with drills and other electronic noises that scream murder. This, of course, results in an inevitable lack of concentration and peace for my brain to focus.

So what do I do? Go on Youtube. Not to procrastinate, but to listen to harmonious classical music in a dire attempt to get me back to working.

I found this: Johann Sebastian Bach “Brandenburg Concerto No.6 in B-flat Major”. This was my dissertation writing piece, had it on repeat constantly, and typed like the wind listening to this. 

Then I came across this oneJohann Pachelbel “Canon in D”. Absolutely lovely, reminds me of weddings. Should’ve used it for my own, meh. So soothing it’s great for me to read quickly. 

Then there’s this oneClaude Debussy “Claire de Lune”. When I listened to it I couldn’t remember where I first  heard it from. Then I searched: Ocean’s Eleven, played right at the end. So soothing and emotional, another great piece to play in the background. 

I also found this one: general Baroque musicMany people already use this one to study with in the background. 

So yes, in my attempt to do some work against the constant drilling, I turn to classical music. So underrated these days, shame. Builders, next door, please stop or try to be quieter – you have been drilling for the past 7.5 hours!! Sigh.

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