Lesson 22

Lesson 22, total of 42 hours driving.

Good things:

  • ok parallel park, might have straightened up a bit too early
  • good control of car when performing turn in the road on narrow road
  • improvement on meeting traffic
  • positioning has also improved
  • didn’t run any children over during the school run
  • didn’t threaten the lollipop man as I stopped quite far away from him
  • went just over 70mph, gripped the wheel tightly at the time, but 70mph gets less scary each time

Bad things/ areas for improvement:

  • do not have to always stop immediately when lights change to amber, car ended up blocking a man and wheelchair crossing the road, so had to move on
  • stalled twice; when stalled, change to first gear immediately; wondered why I wasn’t moving after the first stall, turned out I was in third gear, which made me stall a second time straight after
  • emerging/ roundabouts: if I don’t know, don’t go; but if I can run across the road then I can definitely drive across and join – basically, hesitate less

So that was an ok lesson, there were more cars on the road, and obviously lots of little people making their way home. If that was a test, it would’ve been a fail due to the incident with the traffic light/ blocking man and wheelchair from crossing.

Leaps and bounds with positioning and meeting traffic though.

But now my decisions with emerging have declined, I suppose I am driving at busier times so I have to adjust to that. This might take a few more lessons to correct, as it did with my positioning and decisions with meeting traffic.

But I will get there. I need a car for September!

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