Lesson 23

Lesson 23, total of 44 hours driving.

Good things:

  • parallel parking ok, found a new reference point so I don’t get too close to the kerb
  • bay parking great, also found another new reference point so I know when to stop reversing into the bay
  • reverse around a corner: almost forgot what to do, but I managed it pretty well
  • traffic lights: stopped when red, continued on when amber, did not brake suddenly when lights turned to amber as I did last week
  • managed to get to 50mph easily, speed is not as scary as it once was
  • emerging at roundabouts: did not hesitate as much this week

Room for improvement:

  • emergency stop: more difficult than I imagined, I braked firmly but used the clutch too soon
  • lane positioning at roundabouts: large roundabouts are ok, it’s the roundabouts with two lanes when I get a bit confused

So I think it’s safe to say that I can definitely kind of drive now. I just need some tweaking on several things!

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