Take My hand

Go on, you know you want to

witty wonderful wearied souls

Rest your head upon my lap

Rest your eyes

Rest your dreams upon my hands

I shall guide thee to other far stretched lands.


Sleep, dear, sleep and weep no more

Reveal your heart to that of pure,

Close your eyes and dream a dream

Imagine, just imagine, how your perfect world would seem.

I shall be your muse for only you to use

And nothing that you ask of me shall I refuse.

So take a step and take my hand

Share with me, for I’ll understand,

grant your wishes, rise your spirits, give you ease,

Take my hand and make a stand.


Just, one thing I ask of you:

when you leave, as I’m sure you’ll do,

don’t stop, never stop. Keep going,

keep standing, keep rising, keep smiling.

For I know I will,

standing by your side still,

I will keep smiling alongside you,

smiling cheering happy and content.

Just promise,

on your journey on the rise

where you’ll see everything with new eyes,

and when you reach the summit,

when you see all there is to see

Just promise me this:

Promise you’ll remember me.


12 March 2009

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