2022 Aims, Projects, and Projections

So the new year has arrived and with it come the usual resolutions. I recall ever since I was about 12 that almost every year my new years resolution was to improve my handwriting and make it neater and more legible.  That resolution has never been met. And now probably never will need to be [...]

Ode to Father

Born 27 Feb 1963 Liked chocolates, biscuits, and drinking tea Father of two and husband of one Liked curries, roast dinners, and dim sum Chef, our taxi driver and car expert Liked sweets and always made room for dessert   We watched James Bond and Jackie Chan movies We played in the park and sat [...]


Thin, dark, crusted nails, Gnarled, craney, pointed fingers Pointing at you slowly forming “Come hither, come hither” motions. Grabbing, seething, stretching hands Enclose, clawing at you to come closer, closer. Long, thin, arched wrists twist and turn and bind to join large broad sturdy arms connecting to the paralysed trunk, steady, steady, roaming down, deep [...]

Patience is a virtue…

Patience is a virtue. She sits, waiting encased in a formidable transparent shell. Once freed she flows and flows into dots and swirls and characters and forms and stories all envisaged in splendid ways to show their glory. Once freed she lies, permanently, still. Through time she stays, though her colours fade amalgamating into the [...]

November 2019

So the Gratitude Journal is still going strong, though I must admit that I did miss a couple of days this month, mainly because I've been going to bed a lot later than usual. Reading back on the days it seems I've been doing a lot of research into properties and general areas and feeling [...]

September 2019

September has been a busy month: having a little holiday up in Edinburgh, celebrating birthdays, and seeing friends; I almost feel like I haven't had much time to relax or recover from anything. After reading over what I was grateful for each day, it seems like mainly food, walking, nature, learning, just little things or [...]

Sun Salutation

Your rays ring through the evergreen trees casting different shapes and shadows, your warm arms wrap around to envelop me, Humming as I rock to and fro wistfully. I see why the pagans worshipped you, and why the yogis still salute their day to you. Through closed eyes you still pierce through, Smiling, soothing, passing [...]


She rises, full, almighty, fierce, With her pinky purpley fingers grasping the dark azure She stretches, waiting, patient, Preparing for the ethereal allure. Dawn, She is here, Another day, seize it, There is nothing for you to fear.   13 July 2014