May 2019

So I think I’m definitely getting into the habit of being more appreciative and grateful each day and for the every day, for the little things. I would say that I am certainly more present than I used to be in my life, and I mean genuinely paying attention to what is happening to me and around me. It’s as if an out of body me is witnessing the physical me going through a conversation, an event or something, and just realising, yup: this is what it is.

I’ve also noticed that I shout less at dangerous car drivers whilst crossing the road, so continuing this gratitude journal is making me more calm when outside. I’ve also attended a few inspirational events this month that have re-lit the fire and passion in me, in both work and the world in general. I hope it’s true what they say: surround yourself with great and inspiring people and you will become great yourself. Either way, it was brilliant feeding off that energy. So, here is May’s gratitude journal:

1 Hubby: grateful for hubby telling me quite an interesting tip on public speaking today: to imagine a safety barrier between yourself and the audience, that you are just sharing information and the audience are not there to pass judgement – quite insightful. I must remember it next time I speak publicly.

2 Podcasts: grateful to listen to a final hilarious podcast, brightening up my day.

3 Teamwork: grateful to be part of an extraordinary team, brainstorming how to blow something out of the water and get creative producing something together.

4 Banking helpline: had issues with my bank today and was completely fed up and called up the helpline, only to be on the other end to a lovely chap who noticed it was my birthday soon and said happy birthday in advance. The kind gesture took me by such surprise that my anger and frustration almost completely subsided. So I’m grateful to this person in using sheer surprise and delight to diffuse my frustration. He also fixed my banking issues, which I’m also super thankful for. By association, I am also grateful that I have a bank account.

5 Music: listened to some old school classic songs from back in the day whilst cooking and wow did it make cooking more bearable!

6 Board games: went to a board game cafe today and was grateful to play and learn new games and meet new people. The cafe’s food also looked really good.

7 Blossom trees: walked to an external meeting in the lovely sunshine, walking past these beautiful blossom trees and past some lovely houses. I was really not expecting to be joining a meeting here today, nor for this area to be so sublime.

8 Networking event: attended a talk and networking event and it was lovely meeting new people and catching up with an old colleague from my previous workplace, I learnt a lot and it was nice putting what I learnt into practice. I’m very grateful for the talk because it reassured me that it’s ok to go to a networking event and leave without a new client – the world just doesn’t work that way, that it’s ok to go to these events and have a nice friendly conversation with someone and not treat these events as business transactions to get in your next fees. I’m at the point in my career where I’m building personal connections that might later become business connections and not treating people now as money or transactions to get a bonus three months down the line. Grateful to be told it’s ok to be patient and play the long game.

9 My institute: grateful to be part of a great network that holds lots of events and seminars to help grow people and their careers, and I actually signed up to go to a couple more insightful events.

10 Technology: grateful that technology allows us all to keep in touch with people.

11 Hospital staff: grateful for the hard work of hospital staff, doctors, and nurses during a late evening trip; they have it hard dealing with so many patients, so I’m thankful for them.

12 Sunshine: grateful for the sun showing up, it’s been a rainy week, on and off, so I’m thankful for a bit of vitamin D.

13 Yoga: grateful for meditative yoga, just relaxing for the evening. It’s mental health awareness week, so super aware tonight.

14 Handyman: grateful for the maintenance people coming round and explaining that they will help sort out our internet issues.

15 Sunscreen: grateful for this invention protecting me against the sun and its prickly rays, I put some on in the morning and it meant I didn’t get as bad a bout of heat rash that I could have gotten.

16 Diversity event: attended an event and I’m so grateful I did, the speakers were so great and inspirational, so many things to take away from the panel. Starting a discussion about diversity and inclusion, opening the conversation, not being afraid to let your ethnicity be a barrier and just owning it, opening up channels – so inspiring. The building was also beautiful with some tasty treats.

17 Channels for communication: grateful to have access to channels of communication at work to voice my opinions and I’m assured that the ball is rolling in upper management and good things will come into play in the future.

18 Hubby: grateful for this man, plotting something for my birthday, whatever it is it doesn’t matter, it makes me warm and fuzzy seeing him plan excitedly thinking he is being subtle.

19 Calmness: grateful for calmness as we are actively trying to not have the TV on so much and experiencing more quiet and calm in the home.

20 Women’s network: attended a women’s speed mentoring event and it was interesting and insightful, I’m grateful for the mentors passing on their experiences and wisdom, will definitely take on board what was advised. Also grateful that the wine was super tasty.

21 Sun: grateful that the sun came out today, lovely lunch out in the sun in the nearby park under some lush trees.

22 Flowers: grateful for the beauty of flowers on my walk home and at lunch today, the bright colours really do brighten up my day.

23 Voting: grateful to be able to vote and to select who I want to represent me.

24 Kew Gardens: grateful for the time and effort of people working in this amazing place, it was lovely walking around and seeing the flowers and trees and reading about the history there. It’s also been a while since I’ve been out in nature and smelt fresh cut grass, bringing back memories.

25 Birthday: grateful to be one year older. Reached my late 20s now, and although conversations today have touched on ageing and kids and mortgages and the future, I’m grateful that I’m currently well and healthy and have good friends willing to travel to see me. I’m grateful that I’m able to enjoy the present. Also super grateful for the hubby baking and icing a cake all by himself, many compliments today about the soft cream cheese icing. And super super grateful for the hubby for getting me flowers, for the first time in a while they are not roses, because for some reason he thought they were my favourite flowers – for 10 years. One of my actual faves: peonies, because they are so delicate and sweet yet can be so big. And just in season too. They smell pretty good too.

26 Friends: grateful for friends who came to my birthday yesterday and reading their cards and opening gifts today (a day later) has made me very appreciative that there are some really thoughtful people in my life.

27 Historic royal palaces: the members rooftop tour at Hampton Court Palace was amazing and learning a bit more about the history here was really insightful. Also grateful for the hubby climbing up over 100 steps to get up there with me and running around the gardens to try and see everything before it closed – hadn’t run in a while!

28 Many things: blooming flowers on the walk to work, work colleagues signing my birthday card and giving me yummy chocolates, a friend who I haven’t spoken to in a while organising a catch up. No one thing today, just many little things dotted around my day making me feel very appreciative.

29 A couple of things: film night, watched a new film with the hubby, and man it was funny, life affirming, and wonderful, and great to see an ensemble female cast. Grateful to the hubby for agreeing to watch this comedic film, he loved it too, even though he didn’t initially want to watch it. Also grateful for a new friend who met with me even though she had a lunch meeting straight after, and much like the previous time I saw her, a very insightful conversation was had where I am taking away some wisdom: just take things one step at a time. Be it work, family, or health; you can’t plan everything, so just take it one step at a time. Just simple yet effective words.

30 Work completion: grateful that I was able to complete the tasks set at work and leave at a good state before I start my holiday.

31 A couple of things: preparation, grateful that it’s almost holiday time and that we have done a lot to prepare and plan so that the actual holiday will be less stressful. We’re also going somewhere where there is no wifi and data will be quite expensive, so I’m actually looking forward to just relaxing in the old way. Also grateful for this wonderful medical professional who was very empathetic and able to explain medical things in layman terms, not something that everyone can do, so super grateful for that.

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