September 2019

September has been a busy month: having a little holiday up in Edinburgh, celebrating birthdays, and seeing friends; I almost feel like I haven’t had much time to relax or recover from anything. After reading over what I was grateful for each day, it seems like mainly food, walking, nature, learning, just little things or experiences around me in the every day. So, here is September’s gratitude journal:

1 Sleep: grateful to recharge my batteries and allow some time for my muscles to heal still, almost recovered.

2 Blogging: spent the evening blogging and I’m grateful for this outlet to let some creative juices flow, I’m grateful that I can express my thoughts and opinions and also grateful that I am able to use blogging as a way to remind myself and reminisce about the great places I’ve been to.

3 Yoga: grateful for yoga today as I started this morning with a yoga session in a bid to get healthier after my softball wake up call.

4 Sun: grateful for a little sun today as this morning was cold and rainy, autumn is definitely here. So some sunshine at lunchtime was very much needed.

5 Walking home: grateful that hubby met me after work this evening and we walked home together, chatting away. It’s the little things.

6 Break: grateful that today is the last working day for a week, looking forward to being off and chilling.

7 The sea: hopped on the train to Edinburgh today and the sea views were breathtaking. Just sitting and enjoying nature, in the comfort of a warm train, was really nice.

8 Culture: visited a lovely palace today, soaking up some culture and some sun, always interesting learning about some history and how it still affects people today.

9 Hubby: hubby’s birthday today, so I’m grateful for his existence and celebrating another year with him in a lovely city.

10 Nature: grateful to be around beautiful scenery, we climbed up a dormant volcano today and it was so quiet and there were breathtaking views at the top.

11 Secret finds: met up with a couple of friends who took us to a secret speakeasy, where the atmosphere was lovely and the drinks were good. Also grateful for our friends taking time to see us and hang out.

12 Poetry: was in a book store today and I haven’t finished reading a fiction book in a while, but today I’m grateful for poetry to potentially reignite my reading.

13 History: visited a castle today and grateful to be able to learn more about its rich history and how decisions made affected future generations.

14 Home: grateful to be home after a week away, just the creature comforts really.

15 Food: went to a food festival today with lots of trucks of food and drink, grateful that food is readily available to me like this.

16 Work: back to work today and normality today and found a cute little toy dog on my desk, so random yet I’m still grateful. If only it were a real dog.

17 Brave colleagues: there was a horrific incident at work today and I’m grateful for brave colleagues coming to save the day.

18 Staff away day: grateful for work organising an away day for all the offices, good chance to meet new people in the firm, play some large outdoor games, and dance the night away.

19 Colleagues: grateful for colleagues and their entertaining stories from the previous evening, as well as an informative lunch.

20 Food: grateful for some home cooked food today that was just so warm and hearty.

21 Friends: grateful for friends coming down to visit us as we celebrated a belated birthday celebration for my hubby.

22 Royal Society: visited the Royal Sociey today as part of Open House London and learnt a lot about its history and what it stands for, grateful for this institution for its assistance towards science.

23 Learning something new: found a litle function on a software I have been using for five years and it is revolutionary.

24 Umbrellas: torrential rain today, and windy too, so I’m grateful for the invention of umbrellas even if it seems like the wind wants to blow it away.

25 Networking: went to a networking event tonight and it was good seeing new faces and old faces.

26 Lie ins: been so tired lately, I was grateful for a little lie in this morning.

27 Walking home with the hubby: grateful to be able to do this as we don’t often manage to, it was nice to walk and talk together.

28 Cosy afternoon: sat inside all warm and cosy with a hot drink today made me grateful for our little abode.

29 Relaxing: gloomy day indoors, grateful to be able to just chill.

30 Productivity: productive evening of chores, grateful to check off a big list and I think my future self will be pretty grateful too.

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