Ode to Father

Born 27 Feb 1963

Liked chocolates, biscuits, and drinking tea

Father of two and husband of one

Liked curries, roast dinners, and dim sum

Chef, our taxi driver and car expert

Liked sweets and always made room for dessert


We watched James Bond and Jackie Chan movies

We played in the park and sat under trees

We chortled and laughed to Mrs Browns Boys

We went to McDonalds for the Happy Meal toys

We played chess and you always won

We had great times they were really fun


You taught me to keep my wits about me

You taught me to be strong when I scraped my knee

You taught me to drive and to be friendly to all

You taught me to run and how to kick a ball

You taught me maths and the power of words

You taught me it was important to be heard


You will always live forever more

You will be in droplets in the shore

You will be in summer’s sunlight glow

You will be in winter’s crisp cut snow

You will be in autumn’s evening showers

You will be in spring’s blooming flowers

Jul/ Aug 2021

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