September 2021

September rolled round quickly, how are we in Autumn already? It’s almost Christmas now! It appears that this month has been one of creativity, creation, food, cosy drinks, and nature for me. With baking and music too, it’s as if September was an old school month of entertainment. 

I have tried to actively stay present and mindful, and I feel being outside has really helped with that. Also just simply not using my phone as much. My news and media consumption has reduced – though I have recently started watching a Korean drama.

But then again, that’s going back to old school entertainment for me. I used to absolutely love watching Korean dramas, but I haven’t watched them in years. September does seem to be a month of going back to basics and doing what I used to love doing many years ago. So, here is September’s gratitude journal:

1 Dining table: grateful for the dining table today. We are back having dinner on said dining table, chatting, laughing, and connecting. I appreciate the dining table being my makeshift desk, but I’m also grateful for the meals and conversations on this table too.

2 A couple of things today. Grateful for creativity today, as I was creating things instead of consuming things which doesn’t happen all that often. It’s nice having an end product to look at and be proud of. Also grateful for friends, had a nice quick catch up on video call. And it’s just so lovely feeling appreciated and listened to.

3 Music: grateful for music today. I listened to the soundtrack of a musical I saw last week and felt like I was transported back in time to the night. Grateful for having music as a strong reminder of good memories.

4 Authentic conversations: grateful for authentic conversations today. Had a long philosophical discussion with the hubby this morning, followed by a long book discussion in the afternoon. Grateful to have these random and deep conversations to really get me thinking.

5 Self care: grateful for Sunday self care today. Had the longest lie in, put some oil in my hair, played a co-op video game with the hubby. Just staying present and being mindful. Grateful for days like these to just sit back and enjoy life at a slower pace.

6 Van Gogh: grateful for this amazing artist today. I have finally found some Van Gogh glass coasters that are really colourful and am quite excited having them dotted around the flat. Grateful for this artist and his beautiful colourful paintings, and I suppose I’m also grateful for colour therapy too.

7 Sleep: grateful for a lie in today and catching up on some much needed sleep. I also remember waking up to the end of a dream too, which doesn’t usually happen – just my brain working through things.

8 Baking: super grateful for baking today. I baked brownies this morning before work as I knew I wouldn’t have time this evening and I completely forgot how much I love baking! The perfect way to stay present and mindful: weighing the ingredients, stirring and mixing everything together, the smell of the brownies as they were baking – bliss. And of course at the end of it is a tray full of utterly delicious brownies.

9 Hubby: grateful for the hubby today. It’s his birthday and we celebrated with cards, brownies, gifts, and laughter. Grateful for the hubby being my partner in fun, laughter, and life. Grateful for this soul who totally understands me and enjoys my baking – not so much my cooking. And also grateful for some really good news today, which wouldn’t have been possible without the hubby.

10 Food: grateful for food today, as there are lots of sweet treats and goodies for the hubby’s birthday. Still have to watch my super sensitive teeth, but grateful that I can taste the goodness, even if in moderation.

11 Adventure: grateful for adventure today. We did a treasure hunt finding the Cheshire Cat and it was really good fun, traipsing around for a few hours, solving clues, deciphering word play, finding some intriguing points of interest. Utterly shattered and will be sleeping easy tonight. Grateful for working the mind and the body with the hubby.

12 A few things today. Grateful for watermelon seed oil, as I put some in my hair today. Grateful for cake and brownies and squirty cream, as they are all very tasty together. Grateful for sleep, as I slept for approximately 10 hours last night. Grateful for writing and reading, as I’m reminded how it can easily re-evoke the emotions I felt at the time of writing. Grateful for podcasts, as they are a great source of entertainment.

13 Hubby: grateful for the hubby today. Working long hours today and working through lunch and the hubby made lunch for me and snuck me sweet treats while I was on calls. The hubby also made lots of tea and provided belly laughs for dinner. He also did some valuable life admin too so I’m grateful for the hubby today.

14 A couple of things today. Grateful for cake and brownies, as we had the last lot of the birthday cake and brownies – so tasty! Also grateful for friends and colleagues, it’s great feeling seen, connecting, and vibe-ing with your people.

15 St John’s Ambulance: grateful for St John’s Ambulance today, as I’m doing a first aid training course and learning lots. The staff have been animated and the resources are very helpful. Grateful that I have been given the opportunity to learn and be a helpful member of society.

16 A few things today. Grateful for the hubby, helping me with some logical thinking that took us almost an hour but now I totally understand it and am reassured. Grateful for colleagues making me laugh so much. Grateful again for St John’s Ambulance again, as I’m learning lots. Also grateful hearing the things that people have done – it’s very inspiring.

17 Pineapple juice: grateful for pineapple juice today. Having a little low blood sugar and feeling a little out of it so sat down for a good 30 minutes sipping pineapple juice.

18 Korean dramas: grateful for Korean dramas today. Started watching Crash Landing On You and I love it already. It’s hilarious, tense, romantic – so many emotions. Grateful for the escape, time really flies when you’re having fun.

19 Rivers: grateful for rivers today. Walked along the River Ness and it was so lovely. The sun was out, the leaves had fallen on the ground, the river was rushing down and sounding so soothing. Such a lovely walk, with so many dogs too! It was bliss. Autumn is a lovely season.

20 Nature: grateful for nature today and natural landscapes. Visited many places today and the air was fresh and crisp, the rain was sideways and very very wet, but the views were absolutely spectacular. What a day. So tiring, physically exhausting and also mentally challenging, crossing and climbing pathways. But totally worth it.

21 A couple of things today. Grateful for sleep, as I slept for a whole 9 hours I think – the longest in a while. I slept like a log and I’m grateful to be able to recuperate. Also grateful for books, as we visited a couple of bookshops today. One of them was a secondhand bookshop which reminded me of one we used to visit. It was lovely and cosy. Grateful to have been advised to visit and see this cosy place.

22 Culture: grateful for culture today. Visited a castle and walked through the gardens and it was lovely. It was rainy, but we made the most of it. We learned and walked and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Grateful to feel enriched.

23 A few things today. Grateful for dogs, as we saw so many dogs today and I absolutely loved it. So fluffy and adorable. Grateful for flexibility, as plans changed a little unexpectedly today but we were able to be flexible and adapt. Also grateful for the hubby for listening, understanding, and encouraging me today. Grateful to have reflective conversations and the hubby knows when to support me and when to not add fuel to the fire of my overthinking.

24 Water: grateful for water today. Grateful for drinking water relieving thirst. Grateful for lochs being so sublime and awesome. There’s something so calming and peaceful that fills me up when I fire vast expanses of water.

25 Korean dramas: grateful for Korean dramas as I’ve started watching one again. Grateful for the character development, humour, authenticity (of course I’m suspending my sense of disbelief a little). Grateful to be totally invested and enraptured in this series.

26 Self care: grateful for some self care today. Consisting of skincare routine, hair oil, just stretching. Grateful to be able to stay healthy and take care of myself.

27 Clearing down tasks: grateful for this today. Yes, a little chore-y, but I’m grateful that I’m able to check things off a list, plan, execute, and action. Grateful that I am making headway and progress. Grateful for every little step – I feel I’ve come far.

28 Hot chocolate: grateful for hot chocolate today. Out of green tea so resorting to hot chocolate, it’s nice having a warm cosy drink this time of year.

29 Support network: grateful for a good support network today. Colleagues have been really helpful and providing me with a good laugh. Also grateful for the hubby giving me lots of hugs. A lot has been going on so there were many moments today of potential overwhelm, but I’m managing ok.

30 Washing up liquid: grateful for washing up liquid today. I’ve been suggested to use it to clean my glasses and frames and my glasses have been the cleanest they’ve been since I’ve got them! I can literally see so clearly now! Grateful for my eyes, my eyesight has been deteriorating, so I’m grateful to be able to see clearly.

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