5 Things I Want For Christmas

I came across Gloria Steinem’s famous speech about 10 things she wants for Christmas. It was brilliant. And it got me thinking: what do want for Christmas – this year and every year.

Truth be told I couldn’t think of 10 things, I am no way near as brilliant as the inspirational Gloria Steinem, but I gave it a good shot with 5 things I want for Christmas: 

5. Empathy – I want people to have more empathy, to want to understand and actually understand others and not be so selfish and single-minded. 

4. Authenticity – I want people to be more authentic, I detest fakeness. I want people to have honest and authentic conversations instead of lying and manipulating others; I want people to follow through and have their actions follow their words. 

3. Safety – I want women to feel safe walking home, I want people of colour to feel safe walking into any establishment, I want people to feel safe and not have to feel they need to be vigilant at all times – it’s exhausting. I also want children to grow up in safe households. I’ve been told sometimes that a tough upbringing brings out character and resilience, but children don’t need to be resilient, they need to feel safe. 

2. Representation – I want there to be more and better representation: on TV, in films, in music, in government, in the board room – everywhere. If the few speak for the many, then I want those few to actually represent the population they are speaking for. 

1. First Aid – I want every child in school to be taught first aid, it’s an invaluable life skill that I learnt earlier this year and I feel it is so worthwhile. It can literally save a life. 

My question to you is: what would you like for Christmas – this year and every year?

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