December 2022

The last month of the year! December has been super busy, but it's also been nice having something to look forward to. There's been death, and soon, there will be new life - so there has been a lot of perspective changes this month. There also appears to be a lot of napping, resting, and [...]

December 2021

The last month of the calendar year. This post is a little later than planned, but felt I needed to reflect on the year as a whole first and look into the next year before fully appreciating this last month. So December has sure been a cold month, evidently from my daily gratitudes of warm [...]

5 Things I Want For Christmas

I came across Gloria Steinem's famous speech about 10 things she wants for Christmas. It was brilliant. And it got me thinking: what do I want for Christmas - this year and every year. Truth be told I couldn't think of 10 things, I am no way near as brilliant as the inspirational Gloria Steinem, but I [...]

November 2021

November means it's almost Christmas time. So much has been happening lately that I forgot to post last weekend - but better late than never. Reading back on my November gratitudes I realise that I have been watching a lot of comedy and, I suppose, using laughter as a medicine. Having little outlets and laughing [...]