December 2022

The last month of the year! December has been super busy, but it’s also been nice having something to look forward to. There’s been death, and soon, there will be new life – so there has been a lot of perspective changes this month.

There also appears to be a lot of napping, resting, and recuperation – much needed, I feel. I am so grateful for what I have, and I feel that these days I am finding gratitude in the every day things that I’d usually take for granted. It comes back down to perspective, I guess.

So, here is the gratitude journal for the last month of 2022:

1 Car: super grateful for my car today, as I was able to get to and from the office ok. I heard fellow colleagues had major issues with public transport and I sympathise as I remember those annoying days.

2 A few things today. Grateful for sleep, as I had a little lie in this morning. Grateful for cuddles, as Artemis was so warm and cosy on the couch this evening – she even slept on me for a little while which was absolutely adorable! And grateful for pie, because it is a delicious wintery hearty meal.

3 A few things today. Grateful for cooking a tasty hearty meal, which we haven’t had in months I believe. Grateful for cuddles, as Artemis was napping on me this evening. Grateful for the hubby, who put up all the Christmas decorations and did a really good job.

4 A few things today. Grateful for a little lie in, catching up on some slumber. Grateful for a little tidying up and reorganisation, a tidy house makes a tidy mind. Grateful for watching Murder on the Orient Express, reminding me that life has some grey areas and not everything is so clear cut or defined. And grateful for skincare, looking after myself and practising mindfulness.

5 Warmth: grateful for warmth today – warmth through hot beverages and central heating. It wasn’t too cold this morning for once, maybe we’ve finally figured out the heat pump settings!

6 Skincare: grateful for skincare today – it’s a form of self care for me and helps me practise mindfulness, ensuring my mind is where my feet are. Getting back into skincare and researching active ingredients and products – all interesting stuff to me.

7 Work: super grateful for work today. I was in the office and there were many festive Christmas trees up, there was a merchandising sale going on, and other Christmas festivities – it was a great day to be in the office.

8 Warmth: grateful for warmth today, as it was super super cold! The car was frosted over and grass in the garden sounded crunchy when the dog walked on it. Grateful for warmth from hot beverages, heated steering wheels, radiators, and warm fluffy dogs.

9 Home: grateful for a home today. It has been super frosty and cold, so I’m grateful that I’m able to stay indoors with closed windows and closed doors to keep warm in this freezing weather.

10 A few things today. Grateful for naps, as I had a nice cuddle on the sofa with the dog. Grateful for old me documenting things, as I needed to remind myself on some super old things I’ve forgotten about. Grateful for radiators working, as there was a slight blip of the heat pump yesterday but the heating seemed fine today.

11 Perspective: grateful for some perspective today. I listened to a wonderful podcast about healing and one of the take aways was that you are not broken – healing is a journey, not a fix. It was beautiful hearing that: I am not broken, I can still heal, I am only human.

12 Humous: grateful for humous today. We have recently started buying and eating this again and it is so tasty! Went to the office today and asked the hubby to put some humous in my lunch and he delivered – lunch was good today.

13 Progress: grateful for progress today, as I’ve been working on something at short notice and managing to make some headway. Exciting stuff for the future!

14 Opportunities: grateful for opportunities today. People say that rejection is redirection and what’s meant for you will come to you. So today I’m grateful for my dark tunnel times of rejection/ redirection, which has led me to today’s unplanned opportunity.

15 Work: grateful for work today. Our company did a shoe box collection, which I haven’t done since school, so it was nice doing something nice. I’m also grateful that my colleagues are such thoughtful and generous people. I’m also grateful to have supportive team members who inspire and wish to see me succeed – I’m grateful to work at such a nurturing environment.

16 Artemis: grateful for Artemis today, who was just so adorable. This evening was the first time ever that she settled down after we left her for a little while, the separation anxiety is slowly easing. Perhaps she feels more settled in now, but whatever it is, it’s a good thing.

17 Rest: grateful for rest today, sleeping in and lounging – just recuperating really. Listening to podcasts and just having a super chill day.

18 Home: grateful for a loving home today. When we got Artemis she had bald spots of fur and now those spots have fur slowly growing back; either due to better diet, less stress, or because she knows she is now in a safe and loving home. Grateful to be able to relax and sit on the sofa with the hubby and the dog and simply enjoy spending time together. Grateful to have a home together. 

19 A few things today. Grateful for the hubby for some awesome hugs – hugs are really the best! Grateful for Artemis, because I would just look over at her during the work day and she’d immediately wag her tail, grab a ball, and think it’s time to play. And grateful for a new Chinese comedy drama I found – it’s hilarious, I’m finding these days that I need some relaxation  and reprieve from work and this really does the trick.

20 A few things today. Grateful for Artemis today, though our walks are a little shorter due to cold weather, she has been a treat to walk – we will see how she is tomorrow though! Grateful for crackers and humous, not together, as they are indeed tasty foods. And grateful for having an action plan.

21 Health: grateful for health today. I was reminded that someone I know is recovering from recent surgery and also the Chinese drama I’m watching covers illness too. So I’m more aware of my health today and I’m grateful I can walk and talk – and though I sometimes get out of breath running up the stairs – I’m grateful that I am mobile and can do stairs.

22 Life: grateful for life today. A friend shared some life changing news and I’m also coming to terms with a death – so I’m grateful for life in general today.

23 The kindness of strangers: grateful for the kindness of strangers today. In a waiting room an elderly man next to me noticed a shiny object on the floor – my earring – and his daughter asked if it was mine. I thought not, until I felt my empty ear lobe. The daughter then helped me find the back of my earring too. Grateful for them both today, speaking out and asking and also helping me find the earring back. 

24 Past me: grateful for past me today. We’ll be making a roast tomorrow and I completely forgot the timings of everything, so I’m grateful for past me noting down the timings so hopefully all the food for the roast will be ready at the same time.

25 A few things today. Grateful for friends and family today, catching up and wishing each other a Merry Christmas. Grateful for food, as we had a lovely roast and we don’t often eat roast dinners. Grateful for the hubby for being so thoughtful today. And grateful for Artemis, we got her a cracker which contained a bow – and she looked so adorable today trotting around with her bow.

26 Laughter: grateful for laughter today, offering a great remedy. I’ve binged another Chinese drama called My Girlfriend is an Alien, which is super hilarious; and also watching Emily in Paris, where there was some laugh out loud moments. Grateful for comedy and laughter lifting my spirits.

27 Information accessibility: grateful for information accessibility today, as I spent some time researching and looking into things. Grateful that useful information is out there in the world and free to access.

28 Perspective: grateful for a different perspective today. Talking and deciphering things, giving people the benefit of the doubt.

29 A few things today. Grateful for stories and memories, hearing stories of my dad from my uncles and laughing at the mischief they used to get up to. Also hearing anecdotes from cousins and aunts about babies too. Grateful for the hubby, for giving really good hugs. Grateful for Artemis, as we had a nice nap together this evening. And grateful for naps, as I was absolutely exhausted today.

30 Sleep: super grateful for sleep today. I slept in till late morning and also had an afternoon nap, I was absolutely shattered – I think my body is really telling me to rest up.

31 Artemis: grateful for Artemis today. This is our first new years with her and apparently today as her birthday too – she’s 2. Grateful that she feels safe and loved in this home and seeks comfort in us.

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