February 2023

What a busy busy month! Only 28 days yet I feel I’ve packed in so much in February. Work has been super busy, but I have managed to find little joys in the every day. It really does help living with a dog who is just so happy to see the humans awake in the mornings! Artemis reminds me to keep my mind where my feet are, and that I can think about – and worry about – work when I’m at my desk.

So it appears this month I was grateful for the tiny things; like weather, people, and conversations. I also managed to go to the delayed Christmas party the night before signing off a major project; I think I needed that extra push to get it over the line. I actually missed the train so was waiting for the last train home and decided to check my work emails – and thankfully I spotted something and flagged it.

I’ve also become obsessed with a brilliant TV show called Girls5Eva. It has provided me with such great escapism during this work-filled and deadline-heavy month. It’s been a while since I’ve found a comedy that also has a lot of heart.

So here is my busy busy February:

1 A few things today. Grateful for being in the room where it happens – lots of big meetings this week and today there was an interesting meeting. Grateful for one of my colleagues giving really good directions to our team meal. And grateful for the dog, greeting me with a wagging tail and wiggling butt – so adorable.

2 Hubby: grateful for the hubby today, who has been super helpful as this week has been very full on at work. He also waited for me to come home from work so we could enjoy a meal together at the dinner table. Grateful for this wonderful partnership.

3 Home comforts: grateful for home comforts today. Working from home and grateful for our tea, my mug that I drink from every day, and no commute. Ah, just bliss being home today.

4 Car: grateful for the car today, as I had lots of errands to run in different places so having the car was super helpful. Grateful I can get from place to place safely.

5 Sun: grateful for the sun today – it was shining when I walked Artemis this morning and it was streaming in the house today. Grateful for the comforting glow of the sun today.

6 A couple of things today. Grateful for lists and checklists, helping me make sure I’ve done everything I need to do, or at least it’s on my radar to do in the near future. Grateful for the hilarious TV show Girls5eva, giving me some epic belly laughs – the songs are actually really good in the show, and the lyrics are absolutely ridiculous.

7 A few things today. Grateful for the hubby helping me figure out charging the car, as it was very temperamental today. Grateful for Artemis, reminding me to pause, take a breath, and keep my mind where my feet are. Grateful for action plans, setting out what I need and documenting and holding other people accountable for (lack of) action.

8 A few things today. Grateful for tea today, as caffeine was most definitely helping me get through everything I needed to get through. Grateful for being able to make it into the office today, as there were lots of meetings and it was super useful having quick conversations with people. And grateful for my training years; I was trained on things 5 years ago that some places are only starting now so I’m grateful for my training and experience.

9 Grateful for wonderful colleagues today.

It was our delayed Christmas party and it was so well done. Back to the Future themed, wearing 1950’s or 1980’s gear and some people were very creative. Grateful to work with a bunch of enthusiasts who know how to have fun. Also grateful for the wonderful team who planned and organised such a great night – there was even a frickin’ DeLorean!

10 Teamwork: grateful for teamwork today – teamwork makes the dream work. Something that started last summer is finally done and dusted! It should’ve only taken a few months but has in fact taken so so much longer. So grateful for colleagues pushing things along right up to the last minute. I breathed a heavy sigh of relief. Grateful to finally draw a line under this.

11 Grateful for Artemis, as we had a nice snuggle session this evening after a tiring day. Grateful for the hubby, who helped me park in a super tiny car park – and I also saw a man in an SUV ask a passerby to help him get out of a similar tight parking spot, so that vindicated me. Also grateful for spending time with the hubby, walking about in town and cooking together.

12 Rest: grateful for rest today. Had a late lie in which was lovely, and basically didn’t do anything all day which was great! Work has been a lot lately, burning the midnight oil – which I know is unsustainable, so having a full day to rest and recuperate has been so good for me.

13 A couple of things today. Grateful for sunshine and warmth, as I walked Artemis in the park this morning which I haven’t done in a while and it was gloriously sunny this morning. Feeling the warm rays sink into my skin was wonderful – vitamin D, come at me! And grateful for colleagues, who are being very generous to the hubby and me, extending their gratitude and rewarding the hubby too for my recent hard work.

14 A few things today. Grateful for cough medicine as I have a dry tickly throat that requires relieving. Grateful for Artemis, who is so adorable when she rests her head on my lap. Grateful for the hubby for organising dinner and having hilarious conversations that are akin to something out of Space Force. Grateful for insightful conversations, as I learnt that – yet again – it takes two to tango, and that I am not at fault and I shouldn’t have to bear the weight of responsibilities.

15 Work: grateful for work today. Getting lots of praise and congratulations on my promotion from my department as well as external stakeholders, which is lovely – words of affirmation is indeed a love language for me. Grateful for congratulations on finishing a long standing project from my parent company and higher ups too. Grateful for the head of department taking us out for lunch today to celebrate the completion of said long standing project. It’s like everyone is very much aware that we are out of this dark tunnel and the light is finally here!

16 Breathing: grateful for breathing today. I’ve had a sore throat and dry and tickly cough today, so breathing and speaking has been a little rough and painful. So I’m grateful that usually this is not a thing at all and I can breathe and talk and laugh without any pain.

17 Magic: watched Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban tonight, which I haven’t seen in years and it was much better than I remembered! Grateful to be reminded of magic and what’s really important in life. Work has been great, but workload has been a lot, so I’m grateful to have some escapism tonight.

18 Trial and error: grateful for a little trial and error today. Today I fed Artemis breakfast before our obedience class, instead of during the class, and it worked a treat – she was definitely miles better than last week. Grateful to have given it a go and figured things out, just a little change to the routine was all that was required.

19 A couple of things today. Grateful for journalling and writing today, as I was reading back on things to remind myself and I’m glad past me wrote things down. Also grateful for Barb Knows Best podcast, setting things out concisely and affirming what I already know. I’m grateful that there’s a wealth of knowledge out there now and I’m grateful that I took the time months ago to unmuddy the waters.

20 Girls5Eva: grateful for this hilarious TV show today, offering some light comedic relief from the stresses of work. Things are starting to ramp up again so I am very aware that I need to carve out time to relax and de-stress.

21 A few things today. Grateful for birds today, as there were a couple of birds perching in our garden and chirping away. Grateful for parks, as I walked Artemis in our local park today and it was lovely. Grateful for daylight, as it wasn’t as dark as usual in the morning today. Grateful for open conversations, as I’m reminded of one that took place last week and I’m grateful the conversation happened and I’m grateful that going forward I can have similar difficult conversations that become open dialogues.

22 A couple of things today. Grateful for being able to drive today, getting hurriedly from place to place. And grateful for music, keeping me company as I drive and reminding me of good memories.

23 A couple of things today. Grateful for work, as there was a major release and so there was cake on sticks to celebrate. And grateful for Artemis, who was adorable welcoming me home today and cuddling sweetly on the sofa.

24 Good conversation: grateful for good conversation today, chatting with the hubby about work and life and grateful to carve out time to spend good quality time together.

25 Artemis: grateful for Artemis today, who did really well in the training class today. We are both learning lots and enjoying ourselves at the same time.

26 A couple of things today. Grateful for the TV show Girls5Eva, a hilarious show, but one episode today was full of heart and had me tearing up – it’s not often that a comedy show manages to bring in some heart. Grateful for Artemis, who has been resource guarding a lot more lately due to giving her a brand new yak chew, but she has been adorable and wanting all the belly rubs today which I happily complied.

27 Biscuits and tea: grateful for these two things today, especially together, when dunking chocolate biscuits into a mug of tea. There’s something comforting in this snack and drink, and especially so when taken together. Grateful for this today, considering the weather has turned a little colder.

28 Artemis: grateful for Artemis today. During the work day I looked over at her and she immediately started wagging her tail – so adorable! She was also super cuddly and when I opened a door she did a little butt dance and went to grab a toy to bring back to me. Grateful that this ball of fur is so happy to be in the same room as me.

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