August 2019

So this month seems to have been a little like a rollercoaster, a lot has happened, both work-wise and outside of work. I realise as I read back on the days that I talk a lot about food, work, hubby, art/ media, podcasts. I suppose these days I try to focus more on the here and now, to be present, and appreciate what I currently have rather than a fantasy of what I’d like or love to have one day.

It has been difficult this month: some realities have come to light regarding buying a place here. And it is hard, sometimes soul crushing, to realise that we are so close yet so far. Essentially two steps forward and one step back. But our current situation is not our permanent destination, things will change. Another quote seeing me through: “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop”. So we will persevere.

On that note, here is August’s gratitude journal:

1 Work drinks and dinner: grateful for work organising and paying for a lovely evening where drinks were aplenty and food was yummy. Also grateful for having some brilliant colleagues to share a lovely evening.

2 Free time: grateful for a free evening to chill and relax and recharge.

3 Van Gogh: went to an exhibition of some of Van Gogh’s paintings today which reminded me of the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam and reminded how talented a painter this man is and how inspirational he is.



4 Greenery: grateful for green space and parks, went on a little walk and it was nice walking past some leafy trees.

5 Work: grateful to attend and watch a very informative presentation, I actually learnt a lot and gave me a chance to get a little networking in too.

6 Sugar: someone brought in cake and sweet goods today and I was grateful for the sugar, also grateful for the person bringing in the sweet goods too.

7 Languages and multilingualism: listened to a podcast about people who speak multiple languages and how some countries have multiple languages as their official language, be it at school or shops, and I’m grateful that I do know multiple languages, even if I’m not great at them, I am grateful that I know more than one. Also, apparently those who speak or know more than one language are often more empathetic, but who knows if this is just correlation or actually causation.

8 Art: grateful for art allowing creators to express themselves and allowing those consuming art to escape or to open their eyes. I listened to a podcast whereby Little Women became this woman’s form of escapism, how every birthday she reads the corresponding chapter of her new age, how it helped her grow up. I’ve also been watching Orange is the New Black, how it is showing what is going on in America at the moment, how capitalism and tribalism have taken over simple human decency, how one character who was a not very nice person in the first season is now more human and compassionate. These forms of art have been, and currently still is, helping people open their eyes to the world. So today I’m grateful for art and being able to consume it.

9 Board games: grateful for the existence of board games for couples night tonight, some good old fashioned pre electricity entertainment.

10 Weddings: grateful for the existence and celebration of weddings as I went bridal dress shopping with a friend and it was lovely seeing her trying on dresses. Who knew there were so many shades of white/ beige/ ivory.

11 Hubby: we visited an area we were considering buying a property in but turns out we can’t, which put a dampener on our other choices, but hubby looked into it and the other areas are still a go. So I’m grateful our housing dreams are still somewhat possible and I’m grateful to the hubby for putting my mind at ease.

12 Public transport: was quite tired and got on public transport to get home this evening, grateful to get a seat, and grateful that there is so much public transport available where I am as I’m aware not everywhere does.

13 Card games: spent a lovely evening playing a board/ card game with the hubby whilst eating a microwave mug dessert. It’s the simple things: the game was a birthday gift and the dessert was free from a work giveaway. Grateful for this evening to just chill.

14 Youtube: grateful for this platform providing wealth of knowledge that is easily accessible.

15 Hubby: grateful that hubby was home to cook me dinner after a tiring day at work, also grateful for his hearty hugs again after a tough day at work.

16 Colleagues: grateful for colleagues helping out, giving some advice, and just making a busy and stressful day seem ok.

17 Catch ups and media: grateful for a long overdue catch up with a friend who I haven’t really been able to spend much good quality time with for a while and doing it over two brunches was also pretty tasty. Also grateful for media showing more meaningful things: I’ve been watching Glow and it has addressed a lot more deeper issues this season about race, immigration, integration, gender, sexuality, careers, and motherhood.

18 Eco shower: silver lining when the shower hose broke a couple of days ago and we went out to buy a new shower hose which had all the fittings meaning we were able to fit an eco shower head to be more environmentally friendly and do our part for the environment.

19 Colleagues: team work makes the dream work, worked quite closely with a colleague today aiming to finish something and I’m grateful for the support.

20 Food: went to get lunch today from a place that was overcharged and had barely any food in it, then a lovely colleague offered her potato wedges as she was full. So I’m grateful for food and non-hungry colleagues saving the day.

21 Sight: left the flat without my glasses this morning and hubby ran back to fetch them, so I’m grateful for hubby for the collection and also grateful that I have glasses to help me see and read.

22 Ukulele: had some time this evening to play this lovely instrument and it just brings me joy to be able to listen to such a beautiful sound, I love the ukulele and I’m grateful I’m able to play one, it brings back memories of me playing it on the bed in my previous place with my dog napping away.

23 Podcast: listened to an enlightening podcast where there was discussion around being a weapon (a tool) vs being a warrior (a decision maker), zooming out of and zooming in to your life to help determine if you are happy, an interesting concept around the Midas touch and a somewhat Marie Kondo type methodology too. Very thoughtful podcast and I’m grateful I was able to listen to it.

24 Big days out: grateful that there is lots to see and do where we are, today we visited Kensington Palace learning about the history of the monarchs who lived there many many years ago. Quite enlightening, and the nearby park had lots of adorable and friendly dogs too, grateful for beautiful weather too, even if none of the buses have AC.


25 Sleep: grateful to have an epic lie in, to recharge my batteries, and just take it easy and chill today.

26 Transport links: did a bit of travelling today but turned out there were a few issues, so I’m grateful that there are multitudes of transport links where I am to get me home.

27 Ice lollies: in this lovely hot day I was grateful to be inside an office with some epic air conditioning and one of the senior staff members got ice lollies for the office, so I’m super grateful that others are finding it just as warm as me and that they had the inspiration to get ice lollies.


28 Softball: played softball with work and it was actually really fun, got some exercise, saw some adorable dogs, the weather was lovely, and a little networking at the pub afterwards where the food was really good. Grateful for work for planning and organising this lovely evening. Seeing all the other people playing sports on our way to the pub also made me realise how little exercise I do, so another realisation (or wake up call) that I may need to get more active.

29 Body: after softball yesterday evening my legs and sides have been really achey all day, so I’m grateful that usually my body is not in pain or achey.

30 Hubby: grateful the hubby carried my bag en route to work before we parted ways as my body was somewhat incapable of carrying my bag as my muscles are somehow still aching from softball.

31 Being a tourist: today was a lovely day spent with friends catching up and being tourists, although we had slightly different ideas of what being a tourist is if you are “tourist-ing” in the country and city you actually live in. It was great catching up and seeing parts of the city I hadn’t been in for a while, it also worked my tummy muscles from all the laughing I did. Grateful to both friends too: one paid for lunch and the other hosted us at her lovely house.





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