2022 Aims, Projects, and Projections

So the new year has arrived and with it come the usual resolutions. I recall ever since I was about 12 that almost every year my new years resolution was to improve my handwriting and make it neater and more legible.  That resolution has never been met. And now probably never will need to be [...]

August 2020

A much better month, even with a ridiculous heat wave. I feel August was when I really tried to listen to my body and really am still trying to figure out why I do the things I do. I've been finding sleep and rest quite difficult and actively trying to tire myself out to get [...]

August 2019

So this month seems to have been a little like a rollercoaster, a lot has happened, both work-wise and outside of work. I realise as I read back on the days that I talk a lot about food, work, hubby, art/ media, podcasts. I suppose these days I try to focus more on the here [...]