December 2020

A much more relaxed and chilled December, reasons that I will write about another time. It appears December, for me, was a month of food, painting, quizzes, catch ups, naps, and rest. Much rest. Things did seem to slow down for me, which I’m very grateful for. I had the time and space to step back, reflect, and consider what I really want out of life.

Reading back on my daily gratitudes, it appears I have been really utilising my support network. Talking with people who vibe the same as you really lifts you up when you’re feeling down, as if my worries melted away for a little while in this little world of a phone call. As if speaking and actively listening in those moments really helps keep you present, rather than spiralling into darker thoughts.

And showing a little kindness, even the smallest of thank you’s, almost makes the darker moments flit away briefly. Getting into a meditative flow state and embracing it has been enlightening to discover what ticks my boxes. So here is my December gratitude journal:

1 A handful of things today. Grateful for the hubby, helping me with some tech issues and supporting me through tough times. Grateful for opportunities to learn and grow and develop. Grateful for speedy tech existing and making things super efficient. Grateful for December, being the first day of a new month full of advent calendar chocolates. Grateful for self awareness and noticing and knowing things I didn’t months or even weeks ago – little steps of progress.

2 Support: grateful for the support I’ve had from several people lately. Grateful for hugs and mini dancing sessions with the hubby, grateful for cheery phone calls with the in laws, grateful for surprising tidbits from friends, grateful for funny emails from colleagues, grateful for emails of thanks and gratitude from clients. Just little things showing a little deeper human connection.

3 Colleagues: grateful for colleagues today offering words of wisdom and some great banter to see me through the day.

4 Conversations: grateful for conversations today. Airing out some things and speaking my own narrative to fill in the blanks for some people. Everyone tries to fill in the blanks themselves, so it was good to lay out my perspective.

5 Exercise: grateful for exercise today. A little endorphin release at the start of the day was really good. I feel I should maintain this preventative measure for my mental health.

6 Painting: grateful for painting today. In the flow state of mind and painting away whilst listening to The Sandman, super relaxing. Also lovely seeing the progress of The Starry Night, such a beautiful painting.

7 Body: grateful for the body today. Did some exercise, it was good to move about, and also some stretching. I’m really trying to improve my posture these days. Also focussing and trying to listen to what my body is trying to tell me and whether I need a physical or mental break and to just pause more.

8 A couple of things today. Grateful for a lie in this morning, catching up on some snooze and recuperating a little. Also grateful for impromptu catch ups with a couple of friends, funnily with one friend we shared the same news to each other. It was lovely chatting and catching up, some people just lift up your spirits and just vibe together. We were on the phone, chatting non stop for well over an hour. I miss these times.

9 A few things today. Grateful for extra chocolate, as I forgot to eat an advent calendar chocolate yesterday so had two today. Grateful for quizzes, as I joined in a really good Christmas quiz today. Grateful for stories, as I’m currently reading a pretty good book at the moment.

10 A few things today. Grateful for a lovely email I received this morning, which just put a little spring in my step. Grateful for music, as I listened to Ludovico Einaudi’s Experience for hours, drafting a report and it really helped me focus. Grateful for stretching, as I’m trying to improve my posture and prevent aches and pains. Grateful for just relaxing and chilling and literally not really doing anything this evening.

11 Long distance catch ups: grateful for catch ups today. Had a lovely catch up with some friends who I haven’t spoken to in weeks, or months, I’m not even sure. One of them isn’t even in the same country as us, so it was just wonderful. It was lovely hearing about what’s new and what their new plans are. A really supportive and uplifting bunch of people who are my cheerleaders.

12 Mulan: grateful for this new film today. Quite different from the animated Disney film, much more feminist and power to women towards the end, no romantic interest. Really enjoyed it and grateful to see a strong female character being portrayed. Good music and a good cameo too, all together a really good film.

13 Painting: grateful for painting today and listening to the last couple of episodes of The Sandman. And now it’s over, what a great production. Grateful for the story and losing myself in that world, being in the flow state whilst painting has been one of the best parts of the last few weekends.

14 Progress: grateful for progress today. Seeing how far I’ve come and the leaps and bounds I have made to overcome so much.

15 Team building: grateful for team building today. Had an interesting virtual team building session at work today, learning more about strengths and how they can motivate and energise you or take you into overdrive. Really learnt a lot.

16 Couple of things today. Grateful for being able to get in the flow state at work, which hasn’t happened in a while. Also grateful for skincare and the plethora of information out there, as I am trying to educate myself and improve my self care.

17 Progress: grateful for progress today across different spaces. Grateful for progress with work, career, working relationships, and understanding. Grateful for progress on skincare regimen, as I’m still figuring out what works or doesn’t work for me, and learning about the minutiae of ingredients. Grateful for stepping back and realising things, as well as grateful for remembering to take the pause to step back.

18 Couple of things today. Grateful for well wishes from colleagues, as today was technically my last working day of the year. Grateful for time, as it’s been 10 years since the hubby and I have been together.

19 Lasagne: grateful for this dish today, as we haven’t cooked or eaten it in years. Grateful to be able to make a wholesome, hearty, and tasty meal.

20 A few things today. Grateful for a lie in and an afternoon nap, as my body is clearly exhausted and ready for a break. Grateful for painting, this is really the favourite part of my week, being in the flow state and just painting away. Grateful for Audible and radio adaptations, we listened to Mort by Terry Pratchett, which was really entertaining and hilarious.

21 A few things today. Grateful for baking and brownies, it’s really nice to make something and enjoy it straight away. Grateful for delivery people, as a new orthopaedic cushion has arrived, and hopefully my posture will improve. Grateful for the hubby, reminding me on some epidemiology things. Grateful for Home for Christmas, a lovely Norwegian show, full of warmth and cosiness.

22 Friends: grateful for friends today, making me laugh, being there, and supporting each other. A strange reminder that this time last year was a great work Christmas party, and we can’t do that this year, and we likely won’t be able to next year – at least not with the same bunch of people. Grateful to know I have some great friends.

23 Projects: grateful for projects today. I have the time to be a little more creative and do and make things now. I’m grateful for this time, I’m also grateful for the energy to be able to do this. And I’m also excited about the final product.

24 Time: grateful for time today. Having the time to reflect on the past month, as so much has happened. Having the time to plan for tomorrow for roasting a turkey, as we haven’t done it in 3 or 4 years I think. Grateful to not feel rushed and to go at my own pace, I feel this time of year slows down.

25 Food and family: grateful for these two things today. Grateful for food, as we made a roast for the first time in years and it worked out pretty well. Grateful that we had so much food and we will definitely be having turkey for days. Grateful for family, as naturally we haven’t seen our families in months, and stereotypically Christmas is meant to be a time to spend with family.

26 Rest: grateful for rest today. Had a nice lie in this morning and had another afternoon nap. We napped for only an hour but it felt much longer than that. Grateful to be able to feel re-energised and recuperating my strength.

27 Friends: grateful for friends participating in a virtual quiz today. It was good fun and quite hilarious, some good light-hearted entertainment.

28 A couple of things today. Grateful for painting, as it really is one of the most relaxing things I’ve done, it really puts me in a meditative flow state. Also grateful for mindmaps, as they helped me see things in a different way, connecting all the dots essentially.

29 Sleep: grateful for sleep today. Had a lie in and a small afternoon nap, felt relaxed and rejuvenated.

30 A few things today. Grateful for turkey, as we had our last turkey meal from Christmas: turkey bagels. Grateful for friends, as we played Jackbox online together, which was hilariously fun and somewhat competitive. And grateful for the hubby, being a wonderful ally in life.

31 A few things today. Grateful for food, as we had a lovely meal today celebrating the last day of the year. Grateful for the hubby, for providing endless fun and entertainment, just horsing around. Grateful for sleep, as had the latest lie in I had for a while. Grateful for my body, carrying me through the day even though for some reason I was achy.

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