Positive Psychology

Recently I'm reminded of a virtual work event that was pretty insightful. It was essentially about using positive psychology in the workplace and focussing on people's strengths to take you from good to great. I suppose this is a reason why company culture can be so vital to employees. I know I would personally prefer [...]

December 2020

A much more relaxed and chilled December, reasons that I will write about another time. It appears December, for me, was a month of food, painting, quizzes, catch ups, naps, and rest. Much rest. Things did seem to slow down for me, which I'm very grateful for. I had the time and space to step [...]

Crafting and Mental Health

I saw an Instagram post the other day that struck a chord with me. It was about anxiety, uncertainty of the unknown (during the tense US election days), and about mental health. It was also about knitting. Apparently I am months behind on the trend because lockdown has created a surge in knitting artists and [...]