2022 Aims, Projects, and Projections

So the new year has arrived and with it come the usual resolutions. I recall ever since I was about 12 that almost every year my new years resolution was to improve my handwriting and make it neater and more legible. 

That resolution has never been met. And now probably never will need to be met as we are now living in the technological age. One resolution I always remember is one I made back in 2014: to learn to drive and get a car. I did it in 7 months.

I was so determined, I really needed a car to get around where I lived at the time – it wasn’t the most pedestrian friendly place. After a rough, what seems like, a decade, I think I’m going to be gentler on myself in 2022.

Find my “why” and realign my current situation to get to where I want to be. So in 2022 I have aims, not necessarily a checklist of resolutions; but, perhaps, an outline of what I’d like to do. In 2022 I want it to be about the process, about the journey, and not the destination.


I’d like to create more things rather than consume things in the new year, so I’ve been looking at what I’ve been doing lately that’s creative.


Recently I’ve been sewing again, mainly for practical reasons, but I do enjoy sewing – even if I’m not particularly great at it.

I also recall writing previously that sewing and crafting helps with mental health so in 2022 I aim to continue sewing, tweaking, and upcycling things.


Another form of creative outlet I have is music, but I haven’t touched my ukulele in months. This hobby always has peaks and troughs: I’d go through a couple of weeks of playing almost every day followed by weeks or months of silence.

I love the sound of the ukulele but I do get disheartened when I strum out of place or miss a note. So in 2022 I aim to just let that perfection go and play more frequently and just focus on the process of learning a new song instead of the end product of playing a perfect song.


I feel I’ve done quite well in 2021 to publish posts every week or so and want to try and continue with that. I also want to write more poetry or just journal for myself.

It’s something I used to do all the time, and it’s a brilliant outlet to get things out of my mind and onto paper – it helps organise my tangled thoughts.

So in 2022 I aim to just write more for myself, for others, be it poetry or prose – and I’m not going to worry about my handwriting during this process.


We have recently moved to a place that has a small garden. There’s some green but there’s also some other things in the garden that does not vibe with me.


I would love to have a beautiful garden and hold fabulous garden parties in the summer; but I need to be realistic, I am most definitely not green-fingered, yet. That may change in the new year or it may not.

But let’s be gentle and go for baby steps here. In 2022 I aim to go outside in the garden more and be with nature and take in the wildlife around me.


I would love love love to have another dog in the new year. But, again, I have to be realistic. So now I have access to some green space, I’d like to get a bird feeder to attract some other animals: birds.

In 2022 I aim to see and experience more animals, which could be a dog (fingers crossed) or simply birds in the garden passing by.

One use plastic

In 2021 we have tried to reduce waste and reduce one use plastics by using reusable and eco friendly cleaning products. I’ve looked at other ways to reduce waste and one use plastics and there is actually quite a lot choice out there.

I’ve already looked into some things, but don’t want to get too ahead of myself. So in 2022 I aim to continue looking into and implementing ways to reduce waste and reduce one use plastic.

Health and healing

This is something that I’ve been thinking about for a while now and it has also been catching up with me. 

Physical health

I’m not getting any younger, and to be honest, these days I do feel my age a little more than I’d like. And again being realistic and gentle with myself, I’m unlikely to be running a marathon.

So in 2022 I aim to just get my yoga mat out a little more often, maybe watch a yoga video, and maybe even do a little yoga. Small gentle steps.

Mental health

I have been focusing on mental health a lot lately, be it writing, reading, listening, or researching about it. I’ve come to realise that I need to recharge and look after myself better and more frequently.

There are two ends of the spectrum that I feel requires more harnessing in the new year. One end being more regenerative ie I can’t pour from an empty cup, whilst the other end is being more self-centred and selfish ie I don’t need to burn myself to keep others warm.

I want healing to be something I do and not just something I strive to end up at – it’s about the journey not the destination. So in 2022 I aim to calm myself and refill my cup, whilst also aiming to put myself first and raise and maintain boundaries – all so I can show up and bring my most authentic self to the world.

Marie Kondo

Ideally, I’d like things and people in my life that spark joy for me. I need to let go of things and people that drain me; I need to set and maintain boundaries and look after myself.

That’s actually quite a lot if you unpack those individually. Essentially, if I focus too much on the negative, then how can I focus on the positive? So in 2022 I aim to let go of things and people that no longer vibe with me so that I have more space to invite peace and joy into my life. 


So those are my aims and projects, not necessarily resolutions, for the new year. It is my list of aims and a brief driver for those aims – an outline.

I have purposefully not been restrictive, not really set out methodologies or techniques, and not set out frequencies or measures – these can all change and I want to be flexible. And also, I just want to be gentler on myself.

I don’t need a set recipe to fulfil my goals in 2022. If it happens, it happens; if it doesn’t, it doesn’t. In 2022 I aim to be more concerned with the process and not the result.

What are your aims for 2022?

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