December 2021

The last month of the calendar year. This post is a little later than planned, but felt I needed to reflect on the year as a whole first and look into the next year before fully appreciating this last month. So December has sure been a cold month, evidently from my daily gratitudes of warm and cosy blankets and hot beverages. 

I have also been reading a lot more and absolutely loving it. We have also been watching a lot more TV this month, and didn’t really watch many Christmas films like usual. We’ve been trying to step back into some normality and actually leave the house and go and do things and see places – it’s a work in progress. 

I have realised that physically visiting an old place has totally and completely validated and affirmed my past decisions. I suppose sometimes you need to properly look back at the past to see how far you’ve really come, to realise and be happy with where you are right now. So here is my December 2021 gratitude journal:

1 Birds: grateful for birds today. Saw a robin hopping around, exploring, and looking adorably cute.

2 New bedding: grateful for new bedding today. A new lovely looking set arrived and finally we can sleep in it – it feels so cosy and comfortable. Grateful for these little creature comforts.

3 Blankets: grateful for blankets today. Getting super cold and blankets have been super cosy and comfy and of course keeping me warm.

4 A few things today. Grateful for stretching, as I haven’t done so in a while and it feels good to take some deep breaths and stretch. Grateful for tidying up and rearranging a few things to make things easier to find. Grateful for curry, as I haven’t had it in a while and it was super tasty.

5 A few things today. Grateful for mint and lamb, as we had roast lamb for the first time in ages and it was so tasty. Grateful for greenery, as we walked along a park today breathing the fresh air. Grateful for memories, as we got out our wedding pictures and frames which we haven’t seen in a long while.

6 Marie Kondo: grateful for Marie Kondo’s technique of tidying up/ clearing things out. Went through some old trinkets, making space, remembering things, and letting things go.

7 Warmth: grateful for a little warmth today. I didn’t need to wrap myself in a blanket at all today! Grateful to be able to keep warm and cosy.

8 A few things today. Grateful for slightly joining in on a Christmas quiz, learnt a bit and it was nice feeling a bit Christmassy. Grateful for a little wildlife, as I saw a couple of birds and a squirrel today, and also a really big chunky pigeon. Grateful for understanding the day job and seeing things through from start to finish.

9 Hot beverages: grateful for hot beverages today. A warming lemon and ginger tea in the morning followed by a cosy hot chocolate in the evening. The rainy weather is just perfect to curl up with a blanket and a mug to keep you warm.

10 Reading: grateful for reading today as last night I read a little, the first time in a while it feels, and I practically fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. Grateful for reading to help me fall asleep quicker and of course the book I’m reading is pretty good too.

11 A couple of things today. Grateful for finally having the time and energy to put up Christmas decorations! Feeling a lot more festive and cheerful today. Also grateful for making time to be more creative and writing again, it’s such a great outlet for me.

12 A few things today. Grateful for sleep, as I slept for over 10 hours today – I couldn’t quite believe it. Grateful for chocolate biscuits. We opened a box of yummy Victoria biscuits, my absolute fave, we get them every year for Christmas. And grateful for writing, I find it super cathartic.

13 A couple of things today. Grateful for reading, as I’m really getting into Madeline Miller’s Circe. Also grateful for the penny dropping, as I read something today that really hit me. I just kept thinking about it and it all makes sense now – what a breakthrough.

14 A couple of things today. Grateful for podcasts today, as I was listening to Asian Boss Girl, learning and laughing. Also grateful for advent calendars, as I forgot to eat a chocolate yesterday so I had two today!

15 Circe: grateful for this book today. I was reading for ages last night, I just couldn’t put this book down – really interesting and beautiful descriptions. Just absolutely loving this book!

16 A few things today. Grateful for birds, as I saw a cute little robin hopping around. Grateful for dinners at the dining table, as it’s really nice having a proper sit down meal at the end of the day. And grateful for a better understanding of things in retrospect; I’ve been reading and learning about inner child work and it’s very illuminating.

17 Perseverance: grateful for perseverance. Been reading Circe and it’s been really interesting and insightful how the main character perseveres through everything that comes her way, perhaps even a little encouraging. Sometimes it’s hard persevering and maintaining discipline, choosing to go through short term discomfort in the hopes of obtaining long term gain, but hopefully worth it in the end.

18 Stars and light: grateful for these two today. Visited Hampton Court’s light show and it was very pretty. Grateful for stars up in the night sky and grateful for festive and bright lights during this dark time of year.

19 Self care: grateful for some self care today. Ran some oil through my hair, reorganised the kitchen a little, did some writing, backed up the photos from my phone, ate some chocolate, and drank some hot chocolate. All little things that refill my cup.

20 Sleep: super grateful for sleep today, as I had a little lie in. Feels nice recharging the batteries and just recuperating.

21 Lists: grateful for lists today. Simple yet effective, lists and checking items off lists make me feel productive, and also are just really good reminders in case I forget things. Grateful for lists today.

22 Memories: grateful for memories today, as we took a brief cold trip down Memory Lane. Quite a bit has changed since then and now, some good, some bad, but one of the few inevitable things in life is change. Grateful to be able to walk along those paths again, affirming that we’ve definitely made the right decision – kind of like visiting your old workplace or seeing an ex partner – and the utter certainty washing over you: that chapter of my life is well and truly closed.

23 A few things today. Grateful for sleep, as I had a lovely lie in this morning. Grateful for Circe, which was a riveting read last night. Grateful for Dash and Lily, which we have finished watching and has gotten me in a merry and festive mood.

24 Normality: grateful for a bit of normality today. We went to the cinema for the first time in a little while and it was nice to sit and escape for a bit. We also ate in a restaurant which felt a little normal, and the staff were very friendly. Grateful for a slither of normality, which hasn’t really happened in ages for us.

25 So many things today. Grateful for the hubby, fixing so many things today. Grateful for family and friends, sending warm festive wishes. Grateful for google, helping me figure out oven related issues. Grateful for roast dinners, as they taste so good. Grateful for rest and recharging my batteries.

26 A few things today. Grateful for lie ins, as no alarms were set this morning and I had a very restful 8+ hours of sleep. Grateful for laughter, as we finally finished watching Hawkeye which had some absolutely hilarious scenes – I was laughing so much. Also grateful for the hubby, for being so funny and adorkable – another reason I was roaring with laughter today.

27 A couple of things today. Grateful for birds coming into our garden and bringing a bit of wildlife into our lives. Grateful for the podcast Asian Boss Girl because every episode just speaks to my soul.


28 Robins: grateful for robins today; there were two in the garden, hopping along quite happily – one with a rather puffed out red breast. So adorable together.

29 A few things today. Grateful for the hubby looking after me, as I was recovering from my booster. Grateful for sleep, I slept for 10 hours last night – most likely because of the booster but I was probably just super tired. Grateful for the podcast Asian Boss Girl – I just love it and it’s so inspirational. Grateful for sewing, something to keep me busy when I can’t really do much due to aches and pains.

30 Arm muscles: super grateful for arm muscles today. Still recovering from my booster and my arm is not so painful today and I can lift it higher than I could yesterday.

31 Life: grateful for life today. Nothing in particular per se, but as we close out the end of the calendar year, I’m reminded and am grateful that life just keeps going on – nothing is permanent.

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