April 2021

What a month. Started off super busy and then ended up super ill. Lots of chocolate, of course it was Easter, and lots of sleep and napping. Also a little bit of escapism, delving into TV shows and watching some really great and hilarious films. Everyone needs a little escapism every now and then.  I [...]

October 2019

I must admit, for a couple of nights this month I did forget to have a moment of gratitude and write in my gratitude journal. This meant the next day was an extra long moment of gratitude, thinking of both the current day and the previous day. I also realise, reading back on this, how [...]

Discover Dogs

Last weekend we went to Excel House to see the best exhibition there could be: Discover Dogs. Essentially it was a large place to meet almost every breed of dog and a perfect place to ask breeders questions, stroke and cuddle dogs, and just be around fur balls. There were also merchandise, dog related items, [...]


I've never had a pet, and always wanted a dog. That was until a discovery I made in secondary school. I loved huskies, I wanted huskies – just look how cute they are!! Those striking eyes, that lovely fur, sigh. No, in secondary school, a friend told me that “huskies eat people”. And yes, I [...]